Gulio Rossetti

CNR-ISTI | University of Pisa | KDD Lab.



Via Moruzzi 1, Pisa (IT)

Office: C37

I am a Senior Researcher at CNR-ISTI and External Prof. at UNIPI.

I am also a member of the KDD-lab: a joint research team that connects the Computer Science Dept. of the University of Pisa, CNR-ISTI, and SNS.

Within the lab, I coordinate the research activities on Complex Network Analysis.

My research focuses on modeling, characterizing and forecast emerging (social) behaviors leveraging complex networks and AI/ML techniques.

My recent research spans over the following topics:

I am always open to new collaborations and opportunities.

Thesis and Internships
  • BSc and MSc students can contact me for thesis and/or internship supervision.
  • Prospective PhD students: get in touch and check the programmes in Computer Science and AI for Society at the University of Pisa.


Are you interested in visiting the KDD lab? We coordinate an H2020 EU project that provides funds to cover visiting expenses.

Social Network Analysis Laboratory

Are you tired of orchestrating python dependencies to setup you network science environment? Give a try to SNA Lab our Docker container designed to offer a ready-to-go Jupyter Lab customized with all the major complex network python libraries!

May 28, 2023 Paper accepted in Applied Network Science journal! (Here the preprint)
May 23, 2023 New Preprint “Cognitive network science reveals bias in GPT-3, ChatGPT, and GPT-4 mirroring math anxiety in high-school students”!
May 23, 2023 New paper accepted for publication in the Journal of New Ideas in Psychology!
Apr 17, 2023 Two abstract accepted at IC2S2 2023!
Mar 31, 2023 New Preprint: “Mass Media Impact on Opinion Evolution in Biased Digital Environments: a Bounded Confidence Model”
Mar 23, 2023 Three abstract accepted at NetSci 2023!
Mar 20, 2023 Mind Meets Media workshop accepted ad ICDM 2023: check out the website!
Jan 27, 2023 Paper published in Scientific Reports.
Jan 10, 2023 Abstract accepted as lightning presentation at CompleNet 2023.
Dec 29, 2022 Paper published in Social Network Analysis and Mining.
Selected publications
  1. ∆-Conformity: multi-scale node assortativity in feature-rich stream graphs
    Salvatore CitraroLetizia MilliRemy Cazabet, and Giulio Rossetti
    International Journal of Data Science and Analytics 2022
  2. Feature-rich multiplex lexical networks reveal mental strategies of early language learning
    Scientific Reports 2023
  3. Modeling algorithmic bias: simplicial complexes and evolving network topologies
    Valentina PansanellaGiulio Rossetti, and Letizia Milli
    Applied Network Science 2022
  4. Mass Media Impact on Opinion Evolution in Biased Digital Environments: a Bounded Confidence Model
    Valentina PansanellaAlina Sirbu, János Kertész, and Giulio Rossetti
  5. Attributed Stream Hypergraphs: temporal modeling of node-attributed high-order interactions
    Andrea FaillaSalvatore Citraro, and Giulio Rossetti